Ramseyhouse Consulting


From working with many clients across different sectors we know that results matter. We also know that by focusing on quality, responsiveness and timeliness of what clients do will result in efficiency and greater improvement in the way the organization is run and the way in which people achieve their desired outcomes.

By focusing on interconnected activities of strategy, organizational design and coaching it helps the organizations, teams and individuals we work with gain greater understanding of what to do, how to do it and how to achieve results. Check out further information on how we can help by clicking the link below:

 Additional information about Ramseyhouse is available through this link. 

Guidance through a maze of choices

We provide strategy consulting across the public and private sectors. This includes:

  • Vision, Values, and Core Purpose development
  • Identification of strategic priorities
  • Development of strategic actions for 5 to 3 year timelines
  • Development of annual and 90 day actions
  • Focus of strategy on growth, consolidation, retrenchment
  • Specific focus on Workforce, Productivity, and Leadership
  • Evaluation of strategy effectiveness

Standing out from the crowd

We provide Organizational Design and Development. This includes:

  • Organizational Effectiveness Reviews
  • Governance Reviews
  • Decision Rights Development
  • Job Design and Evaluation
  • Organizational Transformational Change
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Operational Performance Improvement

Helping clients to grow

We also provide Leadership Coaching

This includes:

  • One to One Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Development of High Performing Teams
  • Individual and Team Assessments
  • Learning Plan Development
  • Transition & Career Planning Coaching