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We constructively challenge the status quo of how you think, perform, and deliver results.

We do this by applying user friendly and effective approaches to help you solve complex problems.

What we do is provide exceptional consulting and coaching services for you and your teams. 

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Located in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario

strategic change strategic planning

We will work with you to frame the right questions, and understand the challenges and opportunities that your strategies are required to address. 

We will help you develop vision, achieve alignment and focus on your core     business so that you are efficient and 


We will help you make strategy relevant, flexible and pragmatic so that you can implement actions, measure progress and evaluate performance success. 



organizational design organization development

We will work with you to design and develop efficient and effective organizational process and systems that support your strategies. 

We focus on organizational structure, governance, communication, roles and responsibilities and related systems. 

By focusing on people, processes, systems and technological improvements you will have more effective operational processes. 



coaching executive coaching leadership

We will work with you to identify, nurture and grow leadership excellence and talent through confidential 1:1 coaching and team coaching. 

We help you create high performing teams 

across the organization at all levels. This 

includes measuring productivity and 

positivity of your teams in comparison with 

over 300 high performing teams across North America and Europe. 



Award Winning Executive Coach for David Ramsey's "The Client, The Coach and The Wardrobe." now available on Amazon e-books

Authorized to facilitate leadership and team assessment tools developed by Team  Coaching International,  USA